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High Idle Control

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Hello everyone. I'm working with a customer of mine on a hydraulic system truck mounted onto a 2012 GU Series Mack.

We need high idle control for the increased flow of the hydraulic funcitons. Does anyone know how the high idle function works on these new trucks?

We have a wireless remote control we need to operate high idle, so we need to tap into the truck. Poles 7, 18, and 20 of the 29 pin connector relate to "Speed Control," but is that for high idle or cruise control? Thanks in Advance,


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Should work with the cruise control. RPM can be adjusted in computer to max. Cruise on, cruise set, adjust up to desired speed. hit brake or clutch pedal kick out.

That is how my 2001 is setup, so, I may be wrong on the newer.

Won't be a first for me either

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