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What's impressive is using the load as a part of the rig, and the steerable detached dolly. Tom could do it easily, and so could I. With a 265 in wheelbase tractor and a 53 ft reefer, coupled with a steerable trailer tandem you could buzz right though Littletown WV. no problem.

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Here's the old dolly I used to pull. It was made from a Mack truck chassis. That's a 150' girder on it, it's somewhere on rt. 840 in Tn. now. I did not like driving these dollys though. Didn't really like pulling it, as it was a pain in the ass. Had to pull the front axle up on big blocks and chain it to the beam on the road, and unchain it every time you had to use it. We had a couple with gas motors on them that ran a hydraulic pump and two hydraulic cylinders that turned the bolster that I liked to run. All you had to do with them was pull the rope and start the motor, and get it straight under the beam when you were didn't need it. With those you just stood on a platform on the rear and moved a lever back and forth to turn it and you could bail out quickly if necessary.

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