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Hand throttle cable broke


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Been doing a little work on the B this weekend and the hand throttle cable is broken where it meets the throttle linkage. Can I just replace the cable or do I need to replace the entire setup? And where do I get the parts necessary, checked the Watts store and maybe I missed it but I did not see it.


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I was going to use a mixture cable from Aircraft Spruce (it kinda looks like the same setup on an R or RW), then I was going to try to repair mine, as the handle has a hole and another hole, looks like you could push the correct size inner cable through, then bend a 90 through the second hole...would have had to figure a way to get the outer cable housing to stay on the handle housing, looks like you could rig some sort of clamp...BUT THEN, I found a good one in a scrap yard! Once you get your apart, you will se what I am talking about

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