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All bolts broke off my Bosch pump...


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1998 Mack RD688 with E7400

Driver came in the other day saying the truck was missing... popped the hood and all the bolts were broken that hold the pump in place..only the bracket was holding it on... i drilled and tapped all new bolts... fired it up..now it has what seems to be a dead miss at idle.. it surges.. 800rpm to 900rpm up and down up and down..

After it warms up it runs fine.

Could it be the ecovance? I replaced about 3 months ago with a junkyard ecovance...and it ran fine up til now. I know the ecovance retards the timing or advances based on oil pressure...

Or did i do something wrong with putting my pump back on? Since it runs fine after it warms up..and starts fine..leads me to believe I should be looking elsewhere?

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