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Malfunction / engine shut down


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My 95 ch613 threw the coolant sensor code. I temporarily jumpered the sensor and the warnings went away. I got a new sensor from Mack and within a day, the warning was back. I got another paperclip and jumpered the sensor again and everything is fine.

I am thinking that since the sensor uses the conductivity of the antifreeze, and that since there was some scale on the sensor probes, the problem might be that the antifreeze needs the be changed.

What say the collective wisdom?

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Pull the harness wires out as much as you can and check them real good. Could be a bad spot in the wires causing intermittent open. It is also possible that when you stuck the paper clip in the female connector terminals that you spread those terminals out to where they are now making poor contact. You could pull a male terminal out of your old sensor connector and stick it in the female side. The terminals should have a decent drag on them to be making good contact.

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