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2007 CTP 713 codes in dash

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I have a 2007 CTP 713 Granite with a MP7 engine. My truck seems a bit lazy and sometimes the fuel pedal has no responce for a split second. I have 2 active fault codes in the dash #1 5027 M128 01 07F, #2 P098 M128 01 04F lightning bolt is always on also. The closest Mack dealer is a 5 hour drive from where I live. Would anyone know what these fault codes mean.

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First code is for the turbo, second code is the oil level sensor. The turbo fault is probably the culprit. Look at the inside of the wiring harness connector for the turbo and see if there is a green looking dust inside of it, if so try cleaning it with electrical contact cleaner.

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Thanks allot when I phone the Mack dealer here up in Canada they normally can't read these codes over the phone. They say because my Mack originated from the states that the fault codes are not the same as the codes in the Canadian Macks.( thats in their code books). Lots of times they have to follow a manuel and do the tests by hand with an electrical tester.

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