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I had the same problem last summer on my CL. What happens is the water gets in between the cowel under the wipers where it meets up with the firewall. You Know what I mean, the plastic thing that drains the excess water away from the windshield. The water was getting past that and finding its way through a hole in the firewall and running down to my pressure switches. When it would rain hard, my low air buzzer would come on because the water would short out the pressure switch on that manifold by my feet. All I did was put a new bead of silicone on that cowel panel where it buts up to the firewall. I'm not sure if its the same on the RD, but I'll look on the mixer at the concrete plant I haul for, and see where it would get in on that, then I'll let you know.


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Looked on the RD at the plant. Looks like there isn't much to keep the rain from running down the firewall. Next time it rains hard, look under the dash to see if there is water running down from a hole somewhere. There are alot of electronics under there that control just about everything that has to do with warning buzzers and all it takes is one drop to short stuff out.

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