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Hey Yall Jog My Memory For Me

bulldog man

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My ole B422T ORIG Came w/ a 438 :mack1: gas motor dad bought the truck from a friend of the family in 69 w/ motor blown put heavier springs in the front . & set the 711 that is currently down in it .

my granddad ran this truck long after my dads death in 77 until 98 when TDOT Made us go to a tandem lowboy & log tractor . the 711 has been rebuilt once in my life time (im 31 pushing 32) bouit the time i was 12 or 13 the ole motor was bout due for another rebuild bout the time we retired "oledog"

i know where 300 2 VALVE :mack1: Is for sale & has been O/H Recently right before the bed flipped on this 85 DM IT WAS IN . & the DM Is being parted out by a buddy of mine & i can get the motor @ a resonable price & he also has a 237 for sale also

IM wanting to update the motor because it is easier to find parts for the 237 & 300 motors than it is for the 711 now

My question is : i cant remember :pat: Will i need to change the motor mounts out ?

Thanks yall & later B)

Bulldog aka :mack1:

You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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