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Mack Fire Tankers

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vision386    3,772

I found some pictures of some Mack fire tankers used by a neighboring company when i lived in Jersey,thought they might be of some interest to the "fire buffs" o

n here,if you go to their website,there is also a short story about a 1931 Brockway which is undergoing restoration..............Mark

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Firemack    64


Thanks for the picture, Interesting that SueJoe from this site just sent me a picture of a similar B Model tanker from Florida, it is now retired and should be at Lititz, so I will be looking forward to seeing it in person.



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bulldogboy    303

On their website, the Marsh Harbour Fire Brigade in the Bahamas shows their Engine 5, a 1958 Mack "B"

tandem axle pumper/tanker. The truck is still marked for the Maidstone Fire Department. I have tried to

find a Maidstone Fire Department on the internet but no luck. I know that there is a Maidstone, VT but

they do not have a fire department. I have also found a gated community in Florida named Maidstone.

Anyone know where this pumper and the Maidstone "B" model tanker came from? Also, MHVFB specs say that

Engine 5 is a 500/500. Don't know why you would need a tandem axle to carry 500 gallons of water unless

it's also a quad.


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