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lucerne tractor

Two Of Three 38 Year Old Triplets Reunited

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I bought my 69 R600 # 4890,in Maine, from a friend this summer. He bought it used 7 years ago at Stateline Mack in Mass. It belonged to a paving company who had traded it in. It was ordered new in 68 as 1 of three, 4889,4890,mine,and 4891, all specked the same by a company in Conn. to haul oil tankers. The other day the same friend called me and said 4889 is on Ebay. I looked it up and it was a single axle dump as mine was turned into, it was still on the road and still working daily. I went to Mass. with intentions of buying it, drove it, smooth as silk and checked it out, nice but two to restore is too much. I asked the owner how long he had it. He said 7 years. He bought it at State line Mack a day before my friend bought his. Small world. What are the odds of 2 of the three 38 year old Macks still working? Is 4891 out there working? This I would love to know. If anyone knows how to find out, please let me know. By the way 4889 is on Ebay till Monday, look up 1969 Mack R 600 4889 to find it. 250 hp 20 spd nice Bibeau dump, engine brake and alot of goodies and so cheap for what you get.

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