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Crawl Ratio


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Hi all;

I just ran some numbers,as I was able to see 'em,through my number cruncher,and found my crawl ratio to be 151.311:1,using the 8.05:1 low gear ratio I found in my spec's for the 5 speed,and a 2.74:1 off the ID plate on the Brownie and of course my 6.86 axle ratio.

What does your truck give you for a crawl ratio,ie. end result of low gear in all the boxes? Just curious to know how mine would compare to the newer models. I'm sure mine will look like freeway gearing compared to some of the Quads and 18 speeds,and the 5X4 w/2 speed axle,etc.

I also figured out the EH should be good for about 79mph at 3200 rpm (VERY briefly),but I know that's not likely to happen. At 2600 rpm it should do about 65 mph though,and 2800 would give me about 70. I'm figuring 42 inch tire diameter,for 10.00R-20's. I guess I'll know what the EN354's redline is when I exceed it... :wacko:



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