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Two B75's Together


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For those of us who love Mack Fire Trucks-

We had our 100th Anniversary Parade and 6 B Models attended:

2 Open Cab Pumpers

1 Closed Cab Pumper

1 Ladder

1 Sedan Cab

1 Aerial Tractor

How many times do you see this many B model Fire trucks together?

We attended the Wilmington Fire Muster last weekend and there were 4 Mack's- 1 L model open cab, 1 L model Sedan Cab, and the 2 B75 open cabs. It was nice to have 2 of the 4 trucks still in service together for a picture.

The Wilmington Truck (on the right) was partially restored, the Radnor truck was restored. Both trucks won judges awards!

There were only 54 B75 firetrucks ever made-

4 are still owned by Fire Companies

B75F0001 In Malvern PA

B75F0002 in Wilmington Delaware

B75F0004 in Stony Hill NC

B75F0011 in Radnor PA

(Still in service as Parade Units)


I will post more of the various Mack's we met this year on the parade and muster circuit for the rest of the BigMackTrucks Fire truck fans after I get copies.




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