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H-63 Guru Wanted

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Well finally got the new rear end and airride buttoned up. Turned out great and should make for a much smoother ride. Now I'm onto the front cross member. Gonna move it back an inch to make room for an aftercooler to fit behind the grille. Took off the cab pivot arms and was going to remove the bar that they pivot on. It runs through both leaf spring schackles and frame. It had a sleeve on each side where the arms pivot. Found that the sleeves were a sweat fit. Got both of those off and assumed by looking at everything that the bar should be able to slide out one of the sides or atleast be able to be pressed out with a block of wood and a hammer. Not sure exactly how it comes out but none of the above is working. The shaft has hardly any rust on it and its been soaked with lubricant. I'm gonna sleep on it and hit it hard tomorrow. Just a few more things to fab up and I'm ready to finish stripping down what's left of the frame. The motor and tranny are in along with the suspension, everything else is gone. Gonna tear it completely down to the ground, taking out the crossmembers and everything. By the time its all said and done, I'm going to be an expert on these H-63's. There isn't gonna be a nut or bolt that I haven't had apart, BUT in the meantime I'm needing to find anybody on here who has in depth experience on this particular model. I've been stumped before and have always been able to figure stuff out but it sure would be nice to pick someone's brain who has "been there, done that" on these H-63's. With everybody that's on here there's gotta be somone who has completely torn one these down, unless they could afford to pay someone to do it for them but I think most of us are all blue collar guys. Thanks...

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there should be a lock bolt on each of the hinges that hold the pin in place. Just be cautous looseneing them. Work em back and forth a littel ata time so they don't breack. after that , just pull the cotter pin, and nut off, and drive it out.You may need to use a piece of pipe a little smaller diamiter to drive it all the way out. Make sure to put grease on the entiore length of the pin when ya reasemble.

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