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Old Brake Problem


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Hi all;

I'm finally getting into doing some work on my '45 EH,and first is going to be working on the brakes :thumb: . My immediate problem is that I have 2 brakes (Right Rear and Left Front) that are set to the loosest adjustments I can get(made no difference at all),but the shoes are dragging enough that I don't think the drums/hubs will come off :angry: . I was told a while back that trucks that sit for a long time get dust between the brake linings and the shoes which eventually "swells" the shoes and makes tighter clearances to the drums. Anybody have any secret methods for getting these brakes apart so I can make 'em work right again? I also have plans to fix a little "awkward" brake line routing I did when I plumbed the HydraVac :pat: . I'm also going to give a little more attention to building some sort of air system,so I can operate the brakes on the "big" trailer I have for the EH. Once the brakes are back in service,I'll bring in the radials and install them. (If they'll fit without a ton of clearance problems.) Couple of days ago I swapped the dual air horns for a single-more fitting with the style. :idunno: Even sounds better,except it needs a seal replaced,I can hear it hiss when I hit the horn.

I've run through all the other stuff I need to do on this truck before,so I won't bore you with it again. First things first-getting the brake drums off the truck. Thanks for any ideas you can offer! :twothumbsup:



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