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Speed Control

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not sure with all the new electronic stuff but check the clutch pedal sencer and throttle pedal. if they dont come to rest in the right spot the computer will not alow cruise or jakes. can you bump the idel speed up or down when the truck is parked? if not that may be caused frome the same issues.

thats how it use to work with the older stuff?


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08 Granit w/a mp7. I lost the speed control and the engine brake. This it also inhibiting a manual regen. I would figure on a relay or fuse but the schematic is not clear on where it is.

You're looking for fuse 17 in the BEC (bussed electrical center) in the middle of the dash. The panel should have the fuse numbers printed on it. If the fuse is bad there will be no input to the VECU for the clutch switch which will cause the engine brake problem/speed control problem as well as inability to regen.

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