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MIR & MSR Trucks

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G'day Barry,

Just keeping in touch from Canberra in Oz. I have been offered a MIR - MSR600 = an 8x4 steel COE Mack cab chassis with Allison auto. I do not know much about them and am looking about for some advice/info reference the model designations i.e MIR and MSR.

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I split the topic for more visibility on your post...I don't know too much about the MIR and MSR trucks but I'm sure some others here will!

Welcome to the forums!

Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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The MIR was based on the Brockway low entry cab (forget the Brockway model). The MIR was an Australian only model, but the MB and MC were sold in North America as well. The chassis might be the Early MB chassis or MC chassis. I think the MIR was made in the 70's so the engine is most likely a 237 HP Maxidyne diesel. There are a few Aussies and Kiwi's on this forum who can give more info. I know of one member here who owns an MIR, maybe he can chime in with some information.

If it has an all Mack drive line then you are assured it will be quite a reliable truck. The 237 Maxidyne is a simple easy to work on, stout engine with parts still available from Mack. The Allison autos are virtually indestructible and makes driving a simple task (although some here dislike autos out of principal). If you do decide to purchase the truck the only maintenance issues will be cab parts which I assume are quite rare. But all in all that will make a great, maneuverable truck that is easy to drive.

Good luck!


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