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59 Chevy C60 Fire Truck

joes mack

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i tried posting in the classifieds but couldnt get it to post. im parting out a 59 c60 fire truck most of the body and cab are shot but i thought someone on here might be interested in the siren shells (no speakers) or the fender emblems. it has a 4speed bulldog trans 2speed rear and 4 fair rear tires 8.25/20s and 2 good steer tires with 2 extra rims they have 6 lugs with the rear having the double nuts and studs (i guess thats what you call them) the springs on front and rear are good. it has a federal wind up siren that takes a good battery to run it will whine verry loud and for a long time if you hit it too many times it will kill the battery. and it has 1 rear red light that is about 3-1/2 inches round and about 4/5 inches tall that is federal.the chrome is rusted some and i dont know if it rotates or just blinks or if it eaven works but the globe is good. this stuff might be of use to some of you on here. i dont have any use for this stuff i will try to get some pics tomorrow when its daylight out. joe

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had to use 2 post to get it all on here. i forgot to write down the #s on the light. the fire dept has an even bigger wind up siren that is shaped like the two chrome ones in the pics with a red light mounted in the front of it if i can find it. they also have a big round red light and a bubble gum red light but the motors are shot in them both..joe

post-5260-096889700 1286680194_thumb.jpg

post-5260-097169600 1286680265_thumb.jpg

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