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Duplex Clarifier Oil System

usmc m54

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Hi fellas, new to the Mack hobby, and heres a newbie question....I just bought a military 5 ton with a ENDT673 in it. It has (what I believe) the duplex clarifier system. My question is this....The thing is in pieces, and I wanted to know how to reassemble the rear cannister. I have the main rod, the heavy dish shaped piece of steel (is this an anti-flowback device?), and of course the can and lid with spring and bolt. What is the assembly sequence? Is the heavy metal dish go directly under the filter, or under the bolt on the rod assembly (and which way is up?)Is there supposed to be a spring there also? I noticed the cannister has a lip on the bottom, is that to retain the dish? Sorry for the descriptions of parts, as I dont know the "official" part names, so bear with me. I ask this because it seems as though some private or careless individual assembled it wrong, as the filter was damaged and crushed inside.



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