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Does anyone know how many B-85-F fire trucks were built? Thanks! David M. Smith.

The list I have says that between 1956 and 1964 there were 77 B85 chassis manufactured. It also says that 908 B chassis fire apparatus were manufactured between 1954 and 1966.

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John Montville's book, "Mack" published in 1973 has an appendix which lists how many of each

Mack model were built up to that time. As "rhasler" notes there were 77 B85s built and 908 "B"

fire series built. However, I believe that the 77 B85s were not fire apparatus but commercial

models. All fire apparatus had an "F" designation such as B75F, B85F, etc. The appendix does not

break down the "B" fire apparatus by model. Neither does Harvey Eckart's book, "Mack Model B

Fire Trucks".


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Here are the prodcution numbers for B Model Fire trucks courtesy of Old Macks R US website:

B Model Fire Truck Production

Model Years Produced Number Built Chassis

B-20 58 1 F

B-21 57 9 F

B-405 55-58 9 CF

B-475 56-58, 61 42 CF

B-505 54-58, 64, 66 48 F, FSW

B-75 54-63 54 F

B-795 56 1 F

B-85 54-66 455 F, FA, FC, FCD, FD, FT, FSW

B-95 54-66 236 F, FD, FMD

B-125 54-58, 60, 63-66 53 F, FC

908 total


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