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What Did You Get Done This Weekend?

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What did you do with or get done with your Mack this weekend?

Myself, I removed the front head on my ENF510A engine in my 48 S-75 pumper, I started on it early Saturday morning. Out of 30 nuts holding the exhaust/intake manifolds on only one gave me a problem, I soaked it with PB Blaster took a short break and went back at the frozen nut with a wrench and the smallest ballpeen hammer I had. After tapping on it for a few minutes it brook loose and I had both manifolds loose, I had to cut the four bolts holding the exhaust pipe to the flange.

Next I pulled the rocker assymbly and then removed all the nuts holding the head to the block, 10 of the studs came out with the nuts but two studs did not budge, not wanting to risk snapping them I just removed the nuts and decided to lift the head up over them.

This head must weigh at least 150 pounds! standing on the frame I managed to get it above the studs and turned cross ways so I could set it back down on the block, lifting that head from cheast height was a job!

Getting it down on the floor was even harder. The next head will come off with an engine host!

After taking a long look at the block, head and cylinders I filled all three cylinders with PB Blaster, My number 1 cylinder is stuck so it will sit most of the week.

Sunday I cleaned up the shop area and that was pretty much it as far as my Mack goes, Lets hear from some of the others about what they got done on their Mack or what you did with it.


1948 Mack Pumper
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Dave I think most of the active members here have followed your saga for the past 1-2 years. I feel your pain :wacko: hope that engine is salvageable. keep us posted

Lets see I was busy all this week replacing stuff

I replaced a front drive shaft, and this new one has a real nice vibration. It needs to come out and balanced again :angry:

replaced the old torq rods but one bolt is broken off and stuck in the trunion crosssmember(under 5th wheel)

broke an antenna off from a low tree limb.

the good news is I bought commercial plates recently and there paid for along with the parts that I have replaced. hope to stay in the black now for the rest of the season. knock on wood! :unsure:


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