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Hvac Wiring Schematic For A 2009 Cxu

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I need a wiring schematic for the blower motor, resistor, relay and switch/controls for a 2009 CXU (last six is N008092) Pulling the resistor block out of the duct and checking for voltage, only the big wire (they're all white)has power on it and only when then switch is turned to any of the lower speeds. This voltage goes away when the switch is turned to "high speed", the only setting that the fan with run on. The terminals on the resistor and the harness for it are rusted badly...strange! (I've already replaced a blower motor on another '09 because the evaporator drain was plugged and the motor housing filled with water, but this is too high up)It acts like the motor has power to it, but the speed is controlled by varing the ground through the resistor. The truck just ran out of it's(12 month) warranty a while back. I'm going to get the books (I have them up '04) but haven't bought the newer ones. Thanks

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