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Fan Clutch Override Switch Install

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I just installed a toggle switch (non oem) into the fan clutch override connector and hope that it doesnt effect any other operation. I tapped a switched 12v into the jumper(green) wire that came installed in it from factory. I want it to act just like the factory switch is in..... This is what i did. Is this how the oem switch works?... Or does it block the Control and only transmit 12 volt to the fan terminal when the switch is on?... and what is the "???" terminal for? If nothing else i could use a vin from a truck with an electric fan override switch. I did read where the fan should stay on for X amount of time after the override is shut off, and so far it does that.

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If you get the OEM kit, it comes with a switch that mounts on the dash. It goes in one of the holes down and to the left from your steering wheel. There should be one or two little blank covers down there and the connector for the switch is hanging on the back of one of them. The kit also comes with instructions. Hope that helps.

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