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Air Dryer


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There are several different models available in a couple of brands (Bendix and Meritor/Wabco). Without actually looking it up by chassis record theres no way to know what it was built with. The Bendix AD-9 is a popular model, but the cartridge is not a spin on. It is mounted inside of the air dryer assembly. This may be what you have since the mechanic says there is no cartridge. There are rebuild kits available for them as well as exchange units. I'm unsure of the cost of the rebuild kit compared to the exchange unit. By the way, don't go cheap on this. Make sure to buy whatever you get from a reputable source, there are all kinds of counterfit air dryers out there. There have been cases of air dryer cartridges filled with cat liiter instead of dessicant material. You may be able to identify your air dryer yourself by visiting the Bendix website & looking at their quick reference guide.

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