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:SMOKIE-LFT::SMOKIE-LFT: Easter week end I got started in a positive direction on my project. I sandblasted the nice set of framerails I got from K-All at Christmas time and gave them 2 nice coats of 2 part epoxy primer. I plan on sliding them in maybe on the may long weekend, weather permitting. What I was figuring that while I was doing the rail change it would be a good time to update the rear suspension, since the rails are drilled for camelback and I have a Neway so I have to redrill fo Neway anyway, I wanted to update to a more modern Hendrickson air ride from a newer Mack. I found a 2000 CH that has a blown motor closeby that the guy wants to get out of his way soon so he'll sell it whole or parts. It has the suspension I want with a set of 3:90 ratio 40,000lb Rockwells on 11r x22.5 tires on hub pilot rimswith a 13spd fuller ahead of them, not sure if it's a Dir or Od. I was planning on using the 15 spd Dir fuller I have on my E9 since it's not going to be a daily driver and we can't go over 65mph here in Ontario I figure the 15spd should work about right. If anyone has any advise, input or what ever I'd like to here from you since I was planning to get ahold of the guy about the CH maybe this week. I should just get the whole truck since it has alot of good parts on it anyway, that I'm sure someone will need someday would be a shame to see it go to scrap.
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