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Frame Cross Members

joes mack

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what has volvo doing to mack are they trying to turn people away from them or what. 7 out of 9 granites that the co that i work for which range from 2007 to 2010 have had to have the frame cross members replaced all of the trucks have tripple frames and are tandem coal trucks just this week the newest one has had to have both rears changed. the owners son was doing routine mate on truck and found metal in oil pulled rears out and bull gear bolts were loose and missing on rears. (mabey factory mistake that got past quality check or just cheap bolts) when they put new rears in truck mech found stand bolts missing started checking truck and found about half of the huck bolts that hold the truck together (frame cross members) were loose. i hope this truck is just a fluke and none of the rest of the mack trucks have this kind of problems and causes mack any grief. i hope that volvo sells mack trucks to someone that cares about the quality of a good product not just name reconition for a good product (die volvo die) ..joe

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