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Finding A Job Driving A Dump Truck Is Tough!


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I live in NJ, near Newark which is a mecca of dump trucks, roll offs and waste disposal trucks. I have a CLEAN CDL, with a hazmat and tank endorsment...clean back ground, somewhat mechanically inclined, a registered business owner who is waiting on my own A901 which is a Solid Waste Transport Permit that set me back 3 grand in hopes of starting my own business. (if anyone knows anything about garbage and NJ, that permit is no easy feat to get!..should say something about my background right there!)

I got hurt on my last job (non truck related) and was let go right after surgery due to them closing the doors with the economy and all. Ive been staying afloat by doing some small demo and rubbish removal (I stress small)....the idea is to continue to grow and eventually go from a van and a pick up to a Roll Off....in the mean time I needed some work because as not even having a year as a business owner under my belt you arent pulling 40 hrs anytime soon.

Why the hell is every trucking, excavating, garage, wrecking and every other damn company that has to do with trucks telling me there isnt enough work to put me on??...I see the trucks out there everyday...yeah I know the economy sucks and all, but come on I've been at this for months! I'm more then qualified, eager, goal oreinted and I'm only 33 yrs old..I can still learn new tricks!!

Never in my life have I seen it so slow with dump trucks or roll offs....a few years ago I was working 40 hrs a week at a shop, then had more then one dump outfit offering me cash on saturdays to run dirt and leaves in a tandem....now? Nothing....When the hell is this gonna break?!

"You som'bitches could'nt close an umbrella!"

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Stop by Satriales Pork store-talk to Pauli Walnuts

Maybe those trucks are running, but are they making more than 40 hrs/week?

My opinion is it will take a while to get back to close to speed that we were at 2-3 years ago. Some companies AND people learned the hard way and will only build 2 or 3 homes and then build as they are sold.

Down here in Florida (warm weather) developers built by the hundreds and are still holding some. People got greedy and started living on the 70-80 hr paychecks. Now if they get 40 they are lucky. Bye bye to F-350 diesel dually, Hummer H2, 25 foot boats, and they are in foreclosure.

What you should look into is a "niche" trucking job. What type of truck don't they have and would it benefit you (and them) by having one.

BTW-get somethimg that can plow, you need it today

Success is only a stones throw away.................................................................for a Palestinian

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