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2010 Class 7-8 Specs


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I pulled Mack out, the rest are here 2010-Makes-Models-Class7-8.pdf

Mack will use SCR aftertreatment and will add between

$9,600 and $9,800 to prices for 2010 SCR-equipped trucks. Mack

selected Terra Environmental Technologies Inc. as its preferred

DEF supplier; TET will supply all new Mack trucks with an initial

fill of TerraCair DEF at the time of assembly and provide Mack

dealers with the product in portable 1- and 2.5-gallon containers.

The Mack Road Stability Advantage System (RSA) by Bendix –

now available on Class 8 highway models – integrates the throttle,

engine brakes and foundation brakes into the truck’s cruise control

function. A radar sensor located in the truck’s front bumper

identifies and tracks moving objects in front of the truck. Once the

driver turns the cruise control on and sets a speed, ACC works to

maintain a set time gap between the truck and the vehicle in front

of it. If the vehicle in front of the truck slows, the system picks up

on the decreasing time interval between them and begins to reduce

the throttle to compensate. If that is not enough, the ACC then will

apply about one-third of the foundation brake capacity. The system

is proactive enough to bring the truck to a complete stop on

its own without driver input should the situation demand it.

TerraPro Low Entry and Cabover refuse models now are available

with heavy-duty natural gas engines. The 9-liter Cummins Westport

ISL G is rated at 320 hp, can use LNG or compressed natural gas

(CNG), and has a three-way catalytic converter.


Thanks for hearing me out.

You can have the soap box now---------JIM

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