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Jake Brakes

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Hello, Where do i go to purchase a real Jacobs type engine brake for my 237, Jacobs just informed me they are no longer availible thru them as "New". I really want one to add to my old Mack R-400. Used or New !

Thanx , E.S.D. :bulldog1:

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I may have one available, I will verify if it is spoken for or not and let you know. Doug

Thanx Doug, i would be very interested, let me know. Erik :bulldog1:

Got a Dynatard cheap if you got the cam for it!!


I would rather a jake type but thanks for you reply,Erik :mack1:
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That's why the Dynatard is cheap!

Superdog swears by his - - - I swear at mine!! Pulled it off and have a Jake to go back on!


LOL, i know what you mean, I once drove a DM600 with a dynatard and was not too impressed with it's performance. Thats why im leaning towards a Jacobs engine brake for my project, but thanks for the input Packer. Erik

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