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Wrench Guy Joins Up


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HI: just found this forum while looking for info on Mack Wrenches.

I collect tools and wrenches from car and truck toolkits, that is, the ones that would have come with your new Mack, or Ford or Reo, or.......

I hope to learn quite some about Mack tools and toolkits.



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Welcome aboard :SMOKIE-LFT:


1953 Studebaker M275. Reo 331 I-6, Spicer 5spd-DD, 6.72 Gears, 11.00R20H tires.

1959 Mack B61T. Mack END+T 711 I-6, 2 stick 15spd-OD, 6.38 Gears, 12.00-24J tires.

1962 GMC K4500. GMC 379M-V6, SM420-4spd-DD, 5.13 Gears, 8-19.5G tires.

1969 AMC AMX. AMC 390 Crossram, borgwarner T-10 4spd, 4.44 Gears, G60-14s Front N50-15s Rear.

1975 Mack DM600. 300 Mack 6spd 4.17 gears 445/65R22.5 front n 12.00R20 rear.

1976 Arctic Cat Jag2000. 275cc twin, belt drive, steal grips.

1977 Ford F350. 351M V-8, 4spd-DD, 4.56 Gears, 245/70R19.5G tires.

1988 AMC Jeep MJ. 2.5L I-4, 4spd-DD, 4.10 Gears 215/70R15 front 225/70R15 rear.

1992 Trans AM GTA. 406SBC TBI, 4L60E, 3.73 Gears, 245/50R16 front 295/50R16 Rear.

1995 GMC K2500 6.5-T, 4L80E, 4.10 gears 7.50-16D tires. 4.56 Gears coming soon.

2007 Honda Rubicon 500cc Single, 5spd fluid drive trans, 27x10-12 Front 27x12-12 Rear.

Still in search of M52 5 ton tractor, M123A1C 10 ton tractor

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Welcome to BMT Skip

That's a rather unusual hobby you have going on their.

Can't say that I have ever seen a Mack Tool Kit.

I'd like to see pictures of some of your collection.

Good luck in your search. :thumb:


GRANDKIDS :Gods little gift to us for not killing our kids while they were growing up

All I want, is just to be luv'd and for my Check Engine light to go out on my Volvo.

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