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Swapping Engines


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man a flow boy with salt sounds bad.. I wouldn't do it if it was triple the rate. We do dump trailer work delivering salt and it is harsh on equipment. The trash haulers that run walking flooors that take trash out to pa and salt bad DESTROY their trailers.. No joke my friends heavy duty truck repair shop fixes them...so i've seen a lot of them the corrosion gets every where.. even the poppet valves get ruined... considering teh flowboy trilaers are very expensive..i would keep it on black top or asphalt etc...much much better on the equipment. I am not sure if this flow boy is yours or your bosses..but this is something to think about. I may be cheaper to buy a older dump trailer them to go through a flowboy damaged from salt.

Just a grain of salt,



Keep on keeping on...

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It depends on which 300 to 350 you are talking if it is a 2 valve, no if you plan on going with the tip turbine intercooler on the motor, I believe and E6 4 valve would also swap the same, as would an E7 300-350, the only reason you would have to mess around would be if you went from a 2 valve 300 with the tip turbine intercooler to a 4 valve or late 2 valve 350 with the front mounted charge air cooler, then your radiator would probably have to be moved to accomodate the charge air cooler, there are several different variations that could happen here depending on the year and type of engine currently in your dog

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