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1971 And Up Fwd Ca-64 And Co-64......


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I was flippin' through the June 1971 issue of OVERDRIVE, when I ran across this article (Tractor Disection Report) on the FWD CO-64 COE. I have seen both the CA (conventional), and CO (COE) models on the opposing lanes on the freeway when I was cruising southern Michigan, and in Ohio back about '88-'91. Nuthin' flashy about 'em.....They were pulling chipper-vans.

However, this OVERDRIVE article stated that the unflashy COE they were scrutinizing was powered with a 12V-71N(!!??!!). A buzzin' dozen??!! (a possible typo?)

Anyway, I was flabbergasted enough by this revelation(?) to buy a '71 FWD CO/CA-64 sales brochure to help verify this option....it's on its way. Maybe I will get the info to verify this, or not.

Either way, I'll have a nice color brochure to add to my collection.

And I am a 12V-71N fan....since a few gravel-trains that had them ran the roads in my old home territory of northern MI.

from the land of Gravel-Trains!!!

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