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Short week, long weekend. Had the kids over-all grown, but still the kids. Jo's son Billy got here Friday and left Saturday afternoon-he's 38. My son T.J, 32, and his wife and 2 children came yesterday, and my youngest son Morgan and his girlfriend got here soon after. Then Karla and Daniel came, and Jeffrey Moore rode over too. I fixed them up with grilled ribs, chicken, hot wings, and a squash-gotta have your vegetables! Actually, the grilled squash went over pretty good. I sliced it and marinated it in teriaki sauce before I grilled it.

I took 2 packs of ribs out of the freezer, but I threw one away. The best looking ones, baby back ribs. The other was spare ribs. Both good of course, the baby back ribs are just cut different, with less bone. Easier to cook, slice, tear apart, and to eat. They looked fine, but when I cut the plastic open they smelled a little...funny. So I called Jo- "give these a sniff, see what you think." She said "I don't know ya know, they smell kinda...funny-not ha-ha funny, funny stinkin". So out the door they went, to cook in the trash barrel.

Now i'm waiting to see if I get a load today.They serviced the truck Friday, and ordered a spring for the cluth linkage. I've been having to pull the pedal back up to the top with my foot for the engine brake to work. Figured a spring was loose or broken. Jimmy said he could put a rubber strap on it until the spring comes in, but it's got to be a genuine Peterbilt rubber strap.

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