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Electrical Mystery

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I am currently working on a 1986 Mack MS250, ( I think). I had just changed cabs off another 1 because of damage. I had almost everything working, engine starts, most gauges worked,turn signals, Etc. It was missing 1 headlight, so I put 2 new 1s in. When I did that, I lost all lights, head, marker, turn and tail. The engine still starts tho,whew. They put the headlite harness thru the cab so it is inaccessable. If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated, since I am not a large truck wrencher! Also, does anyone know if there is a fusible link in the harness, since all the fuses are good, and no cover to tell which is whch anyway! :wacko:

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Sounds like a fuse blew. Could be related to a short or a fuse that wasn't the proper amperage and blew because of the load. Check the fuse and replace it with one of the proper amperage. If it blows again check the wiring for the headlamp you installed for shorts and/or damaged wiring.

Once you know if its a bad fuse or headlight wiring, we can move on to troubleshooting the wiring.


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