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I'm sortta ticked off today after seeing the photo's that 3P put up. SO I figured I would rant alittle...but no that won't help matters . It would only depress me further. So what would help me and hopefully you the reader feel just a little better. So here goes.

I am an Owner Operator and I CHOSE MACK to be my ride. I chose a MACK truck because they are the toughest trucks on the planet. I MATT ALLBRITTON chose MACK trucks because mack knows how to build the truck that will deliver what was promised when I purchased it. It has and it does deliver as promised. I have only required a tow once in the three years that I have owned MY MACK TRUCK. The problem wasn't even a failure on the trucks part.... A mechanic screwed up when I DROVE it to the dealer to have it worked on. I had to have athe CAM replaced and the mechnic either over tightened the bolts on the harmonic balancer or left them loose, anyway it came off. Well being that it was a Mack dealer they paid to have it towed as well as they paid 100% of the parts and labor to have it fixed. Mack keeps their word, that alone is astounding. For as a trucker being lied to is as ordinary as breathing.

I know that alot of the guys and gals on here simply collect and restore old Mack trucks....Thank God for you all. However I make my living driving one everyday that there is freight to be had. I have to trust my MACK to take me and bring me day in and day out. She does too. If you are a driver and don't own or atleast drive a Mack for a living you are truely missing one hell of an experience. I own a 2001 MACK Vision with an 80" Millineum sleeper (highrise) she has an E-TECH 427 Econodyne MACK engine a 10 speed o.d. Eaton and 3.70 eaton rears on Mack airride suspention. The integrated cab sits on two huge airbags as well. She ain't the fastest or the fanciest but by God she gets the job done. East coast, west coast , Rocky's or the Appalations from flat ground to the 8% grades near Globe Az. From 480 pounds to 48,000 pounds my BULLDOG MACK does it all day every day. I have been over Mont Eagle in Tennesse, Cabbage in Oregon, Fancey gap in N.C., to Lookout Mtn. here in Ga. Maybe not as fast as those folks driving around with the BIG motors but I got the job done and have never regretted my choice.

All the controls in my vision are located within easy reach and require very little effort to use. This truck is a true lazy man's truck. The only thing I would change if I had the money is get rid of the eaton rears and tranny and replace them with an all Mack drive line and of coarse uprate the Econodyne to a Maxicruise or maybe even a Maxidyne. For anyone out there who may not understand the differance here is my understanding.

Econodyne=smaller torque range for best possilbe fuel milage R.P.M.s range between 1200 to 1700 ,highway use.

Maxicruise=slightly longer torque range and R.P.M.s from 1200 to 1900 for good fuel milage and better power, interstate full load.

Maxidyne= full power profile from 1100 to 2100 R.P.M.s with the longest torque, power curve of all, Max torque and horse power at 1200rpms, offroad or severe duty where max power is a must. True grunt power.

Will I ever buy anouther MACK TRUCK? the answer is you damn right. I have been a truck driver for over thirteen years and have driven everything but a sterling, Nothing does the job day in and day out like this Mack. The comfort power durability manuverability and ease of operation I need to do my job are all embodied in this truck. However there is anouther angle to that same question...Will I buy a volvo with a MACK cab and sleeper????? I doubt it. I would like to know if the "CORNERSTONE" chassis is a true MACK chassis and if so I probably will.

Word to the Wise your local dealer will lie like hell and tell you that the new M.P. engines are a Mack volvo co-engineered design.. :icon_bs: !!!! THEY ARE VOLVO ENGINES AND THAT IS THE TRUTH. If they will LIE to your face what will they do behind your back. The new MACK road tractors use a volvo chassis check out the new trucks at a dealership and read the name on all the componants volvo volvo everywhere. Their trucks have the lowest resale value of any truck out there and apparantly they want Mack to have the same CRAPPY reputation. Don't believe me try to trade one in on a new truck at a volvo dealer. Or check out the price of one in any truck sales paper. Pure junk.

Matt Allbritton A.K.A. MACKDADDY1911A1

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