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  1. Thanks for your input guys. I've been doing a little shopping around and kind of came to the same conclusion on the price. The correctness thing doesn't really bother me but, although I like the stretch and the big bunk, I also wondered about the frame and driveshaft issues. It's a good days drive away so I hate to do anything if I can't see it in person first. Yes, the paint is Tired. Rob, Have you seen it in person?
  2. I am looking to buy a '65 B-61 that the man says has a Maxidyne 283 with a 9 speed on a 244" WB single rear air ride axle and a 60" bunk. He used it as a 'hot shot' truck and it looks pretty good in the pictures he sent. He's asking $12K for a nearly road ready truck. ( interior needs a little work ) I would use it as a show truck and probably pull a 5th wheel camper. My concerns are the 2 sticks ( he said it's a Roadranger tranny ) and I don't know anything about this engine. I'm hoping some of you veterens on here can give me so insight and info. Thanks, Mike
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