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  1. Just an update. We got the new website online today. Please be patient with us as it is still under construction. www.diamondtrubber.com Thanks, Travis
  2. Not sure if the OP is going to reply or not, but I couldn't help noticing he was asking for floor mats. So where would one find repro floor mats for such a truck?
  3. So who are you guys using now for most of your rubber components? Steele, Restoration Specialties, etc? Doing some Google searches it seems hard to find companies that are in the business of making these kinds of parts.
  4. Thanks for the words of encourgement Rob. I will definately check into the parts you have suggested. I was pretty sure the "B" series parts would be in demand but wasn't aware of the "R" series so much. I may be in touch soon. Still getting things sorted out here. We hope to have the website up and running next week. Of course it will be an ongoing contruction, but at least people will know how to get ahold of us. As it stands now, we will be making pretty much any rubber part needed for the Diamond T trucks. If we don't have it, we will urge customers to send in their original and we will try
  5. Thanks for the friendly welcomes. I hope to get our website up and going in the next couple of weeks so you guys can get an idea of what we are going to do. I don't even know if there is a demand for vintage rubber parts for Macks or if they are already being produced. I guess time will tell as I try to learn more about the Macks.
  6. Nice project. Is there a source out there for reproduction rubber parts for these vintage Macks?
  7. Just found this forum. Looks to be very interesting. Looking forward to learning about the vintage Macks from all you guys. Just a little note about my new hobby. Recently acquired a company making rubber replacement parts for vintage Diamond T trucks. By recent, I mean in the last week. I'll post more later. Hoping to be able to help out those looking for vintage Mack rubber parts that can't be found eventually.
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