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  1. Anyone know why the cruise-fast idle switch would only work when the engine is cold ? 1999 CH
  2. I'm going to get a rear diff lock and is it ok to pick up the air line from the power divider and connect it to diff lock, so that when you engage the power divider switch on the dash they both engage at the same time.
  3. 84 superdog The bloke that bought the R model loves it and won't sell it back. Im going to need cross locks for the CH because when the truck is empty I can't get traction off road. Do you know if you modify the Hendrickson Air Ride suspension to get more travel up and down or different air pressure in each bag when the truck is empty.
  4. I have just sold my 86 r model on camel back and replaced it with a 99 ch on air ride and i can't believe how hopeless the newer rig is off road. What can i change or do to get more traction?
  5. This noise sounds more like it's coming from between the steering wheel and the dash
  6. Has anyone got a rattle in the steering column that sounds like a loose shaft, steering universals seem ok but i don't know where the noise is coming from.
  7. Has anyone had or fixed a steering column rattle that comes from between the steering wheel and dash
  8. Can anyone tell me the best place to start trying to reduce cabin noise in a 86 R model 350hp
  9. Yes still have R but starting to get chassis rust and not sure wether to fix it or get cross-locks for CH
  10. I've had the old girl for 10 years and the CH for 2 weeks and don't like it. It's no good off-road, I prefer the 12 speed, engine shuts down to quick, gunna sell it.
  11. Gidday, I have decided to upgrade dump trucks and have gone from 86 R Model, 350hp, 12speed on camel back to a 1999 Ch 410hp, 13speed on air bag. Will I ever get used to the newer rig as at the moment I don't like it.
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