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  1. here is an update on the situation got back to the shop started truck ran good for the first five seconds started to go under a load cracked the injector line for number cylinder number one, engine ran smoother cracked number two heard a distinct cutout, switched pumps between one and two did not help the situation problem has been narrowed down to number one cylinder removed wires from pump checked for an open circuit on the wires it was open leading me to believe that it is a mechanical problem. in the cylinder or in the injector seat or in the line fittings if they are cracked i am also going to pressurizd the radiator and start it to see if there is any white smoke out the exhaust. Is there anything else that should be checked out?
  2. Alright thank you i will give that a shot, Is mack etech engines prone to having this sort of problem with this number of miles? Also would a faulty sensor causing a diffrent input give the same code
  3. The injectors have been replaced as that was thought to be the issue by shorting out the pumps will that act like loosening the injector lines on mechanical engines Sorry if i ask some redundant questions but i am 19 and have a far better understanding of cat engines and equipment looks like a very similar system just want to learn more about it never know when it will come in handy
  4. I am dealing with a 2000 etech with 230000 that on cold start has what sounds like timing knock or firing early when the engine warms up it can still be heard just not as loud. the driver said the sound a year ago was not very loud it has been progresivly getting worse i remember reading some where that mack had problems with there cams i removed the pumps and looked over the cam there was nothing wrong with that the injectors were replaced as to a thought that this might be a problem i am at a loss were to look it brings up a code for cylinder number 1 abnormal frequency any thoughts or sujjestions would deeply be apreciated
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