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  1. Do you have a picture of the front spring hangers? I could use a set for my B-815. I have no idea if they are the same or not but a picture should do it. Price too? Thanks Greg
  2. Looking for a good used or new 707A Mack Thermodyne piston. I need one good stock (5") bore piston. If you have an engine or parts please let me know. Thanks Greg
  3. Sent you an e-mail. Please contact me here or via that e-mail. I have a truck you will be interested in.
  4. Well that helps a little bit but it's not nearly as simple as one might think. Did Mack put out a manual on these things that lays it all out for us new old truck guys? I'll be sending to Mack for anything I can get on the truck once I have it home. I will see a guy Saturday who has an old LTLSW with a triplex. I'll pick his brains while I'm there. Then I will practice until I get it right.
  5. Picking up my B-815SX shortly and am wondering why I see this set up referenced as having both 18 and 20 speeds. I see the plaque in the truck says to not use 5th in I believe low-split and direct. Why is this? Can you use it when empty or will it damage something? I'm wondering what ratios are in each box. See lots of guys on line shifting just the aux until they get to 1st direct then continuing with 2nd-4th to 18th. Is there a 20 speed version? Any and all information is appreciated. Would 5th direct be an overdrive technically? Thanks
  6. my bride is wondering if such an establishment would sell hardwood floors...
  7. Where the problem presents itself on inclines only, I am inclined to suspect anyhting that changes in this condition. One problem I've encountered on carb/hill issues is the carb float being set too low. This causes a lack of fuel and stalling. Maybe you hve the opposite problem where the float is sinking of set too high. This might cause excessive fuel which sould flood the engine causing poor performance and smoke. I might be all wet, but I'd get into that carb (assuming all other simple checks of timing, compression etc pan out within spec). Good luck Greg
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