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  1. How goes the EHU? 

  2. So I got the 1939 EHU 1 D 1008 cranking with good oil pressure today. Put in new plugs. Pulled the carb for some cleaning. While it was off I gave it a shot of juice (updraft carb) and presto, it fired right up. This is a very low miles original truck. Spent a good deal of time underneath this weekend scraping and cleaning. Has real nice dumping flatbed (was gainbox), overloads, aux brownie and disc parking brake. I'll post some picks soon.
  3. where are you locat?ed

  4. Can you put this one down, 1939 EHU 1 D 1008 Don Evans in Bakersfield, CA
  5. Any guess as to weight of this AC with a Utility tag rear axle. I'm thinking 12k.

  6. So I'm looking for the main part of radiator cap. Grille emblem and anyone with some quality photos of cab and inside sata plates. Thanks. Of course I'm ne to this forum.

  7. Hay check the milk can under the Mack ,should be chese!

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