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    worked in the bush on dozers and firefighting drove an R model will be picking up a restored B model shortly

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  1. Hi All thanks for your help I have the correct side dogs I will post a photo of the dog tomorrow oz time. A mate just bought his first new Mack so taking mine over to wet the head. Hope the weather improves for you stateside. the coverage we get here doesn't paint a happy picture!
  2. Hi all got this posted in forums as well. I have a B61, however the hood bulldog is wrong for the model! Does anyone have a pic of the correct dog for the model? Thanks in advance. Chris
  3. Looking for the right dog

    G'day to all I have a B61 and recently while going to a old machine day I noticed he's the wrong bloody dog! He is a modern smooth ear for pulling the bonnet (hood) over to get at the engine. Would one of you fine ladies or gentleman have a picture of the correct dog mascot for a B61 1961 model? Thanks in advance Regards Chris BTW Bonnet is oz for hood Glovebox is oz for glove compartment And the boot is our word for trunk! Confused? Enjoy!
  4. air compresson change ?

    Had a Coolpower that you drained sludge every day from it. Fitters put a new compressor on her and no more sludge ! Hope this helps mate Chris
  5. Hi to all again thanks for the info Chris
  6. Hi to all looking for advice on what is the best oil to use in my B 61 673 turbo motor. its located in Australia and temps range from minus 10 C to about 40 C in the summer ( the two extremes) Oil brands are Castrol RX, Caltex, Shell. Happy for a particular code to get in a brand than a specific brand. Love the forum getting plenty of help and thanks for the info in advance Chris
  7. Hi all or g'day from Oz. I have a B model with the C motor 673 turbo. Coming in to autumn( fall) and am looking for advice for which is the better type of coolant for antifreeze protection. We get down to a max of minus 12 C in winter! Thanking you in advance.
  8. 866

    at least they'll take the whine out of the diff
  9. G'day to all. Seems all the good names have gone so i've used what i do for a living now. attracted to mack on the first sound of an air start. used a coolpower pulling dozers and loved the old girl. now looking to get a b model for the show circuit. been off the road for the last 20 years woking in the real world ...... time to go feral again.