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  1. No Connection: Came across this while looking for parts. This pup needs some help! http://columbus.es.craigslist.org/cto/4661154046.html
  2. The guy I got from was told that the main had 5the gear turned around, like in a Fuller.
  3. Hi, yeah, there is no split in the top gear, the shift pattern is what use to be in the truck, it is a ten speed direct pattern, also my back box has high range toward the dash also
  4. OK !! Finally got my truck registered and tagged today!! WOOOOHOOOOOO !!!!!!! It is one solid driving, and good running Mack! The previous owner said that ity would only run 55, I guess he doesn't know how to use a duplex trans, I had it somewhere near 60 MPH in 8th! And still had a little engine left, I only got it into 9th once, for about 10 seconds, but an overdrive trans will do about 3 - 5 MPH per hundred RPM, and this trans drops 500 RPM or better when I drop it into overdrive, and I'm wondering if it is a double over, because it drops 500 RPM when going from 7th to 8th gear! Odd thing is, this Mack does NOT SMOKE AT ALL! NOTHING !! I can't recall ever seeing an old Mack NOT roll coal, and that damn skip is still there, but it's weird, if I ease into the throttle sometimes it seems to go away, and sometimes at higher RPM it goes away, but if I put my foot in it under a good pull, it misses worse. Leaky injector? I drove it home (18 miles) and it never got over 170 degrees, and the oil pressure is 60 lbs when it's wound up,and fully warmed up. Now I just have to figure out this miss!
  5. Thanks Pedigreed, so an end 673 won't live long at 2300 RPM huh?
  6. No Connection: I came across these, and since I can't have them all, I figured you folks might need one or two of em' Lol http://denver.craigslist.org/hvo/4647546217.html https://northmiss.craigslist.org/cto/4675684357.html https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/4686564827.html http://omaha.craigslist.org/cto/4649539216.html
  7. No Connection: Anyone see this old beauty on Craigslist? It's in Colorado, he's a little heavy on the asking price IMO, but it is a straight looking truck! http://denver.craigslist.org/hvo/4647546217.html
  8. Hi Hurst, here's a link to an ad I made last night on Craigslist, let me know what you think! Keith http://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/4689091790.html
  9. Okay, you can split each gear with a LOW HOLE, BUT !! If you are in 5th gear in the main box for example, and the back box is in high, then you pull it into low, what you are doing, is putting the transmission in the same RPM range as if you left the back box in high, and put the main box into 4th, so if you understand this, you will understand that you still only have 5 speeds with the back box providing a double LOW. Where as with a ten speed, for example, if you take off in first gear, wind it out, then pull the back box into high range, you wind that out, then, shift to second on the main, slide the back box back into low, your RPM's will drop and you will have to wind that gear out, then pull the back box into high gear, for the next shift, and so on through the gears. That's the best way I can explain it. So, while you have the capability to split each gear with the back box, when you do, it's the same as if you had shifted the main box, the 6 speed LOW HOLE trans gear ratios are spaced too close to allow progressive shifting with the back box. I hope I made sense! Lol !
  10. Yeah, I just bought a "68" 390 AMX muscle car from Ga. just to sell it, wish I could keep it, but......finances dictate otherwise, I traded a "74" Bricklin for it, have to use a "bill of sale" here in Florida, and they will issue a Florida title
  11. No connection, here's a sweet little Mack I came across on Ebay, would love to own it, what a little beauty! http://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-MACK-EQ-Fuel-Delivery-Truck-Amazing-Condition-B-Located-in-MD-VA-DC-/221558628065?forcerrptr=true&hash=item3395ec5ee1&item=221558628065&pt=Commercial_Trucks
  12. No Connection. ANother one I came across, fresh Ebay postingh, How often do you see a V8 "U" Model ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/MACK-U795ST-/321531254815?forcerrptr=true&hash=item4adcc1981f&item=321531254815&pt=Commercial_Trucks
  13. No connection: I came across a nice old B81 on Ebay, looks like a pretty straight old truck Unfortunately, I can't paste in here, but the item number is 281443922528
  14. I was just wondering if there is an injector adjustment on these, but no, no Dynatard.
  15. But I can copy and paste in every other website that I need to So I believe the problem is with Bigmacktrucks.com . I have seen other people post that they can't paste in here either
  16. I'm Windows XP, Not sure on the browser, not really too much into putters, I couldn't find pistons, camshaft, lifters, no injection pump, valves...............SHEESH !!
  17. I don't even know what IE11 is, Lol
  18. No connection: I came across another one, This old girl needs a good home, looks like he has some parts trucks too, I still can't paste any thing in these posts (anyone know why?) It is listed in Craigslist Tampa Bay area, in Heavy Equipment, titled "old B67 Mack" (Dover) Go get her!! Lol Keith
  19. Well, I'm glad to see you guys are trying anyway
  20. Yeah, I'm going to have to go through the system and check it all out thoroughly before I do anything else.
  21. Not sure about the filters yet, I just got the truck a couple weeks ago, and I have to park it about 10 miles away, so haven't got to play with it as much as I want. Haven't seen any wet areas though, but the truck did sit for two years without running Keith
  22. I came across these poor old trucks looking for a new home! The one he doesn't recognize looks like an LT Mack to me, all of them look like they are worth saving though! I can't paste in here for some reason, but the ad is in Denver Colorado Craigslist "All for sale" section, and titled as "Three old trucks for restoration or yard art" (Commerce City) Wish I had the money, and a place to put all these lost souls, I would be an old truck resurrecting fool! Lol. I hope some of you can use these trucks! Keith
  23. Thanks, doesn't sound like that, it's a real slight miss compared to that, but I will be pulling the valve cover off and checking everything. Thanks Keith
  24. I finally got to drive my B67 a couple days ago ( I still have the grin on my face!) It runs and drives much better than I had anticipated, and I believe the guy I got it from was wrong about the 55 MPH top speed. I got it up to 40-45 MPH, dropped the main box into 5th overdrive (against the dash) and pulled the back box into high range, she dropped down to 12 RPM, in all the years I have been driving, overdrive transmissions do about 3-4 MPH per hundred RPM, this truck is governed to 2100, so that's another 900 RPM, so roughly, another 30 MPH? I'm thinking it will run at least 70! If the little END 673 will pull the gear. Well, onto the engine problem, it has a medium miss when it gets up in the higher RPM's, like over 1500 or so, it doesn't do it idling, and I can't detect it when accelerating till it gets up to around 1500 or so, and higher. This truck had sat for two years, and the guy I got it from got it fired up, and drove it 100 miles to me, over a two hour drive, does this sound like it needs the overhead run? I am new to working on these old Macks, so any help or advice would be great! I have been wanting one for about 20 years though, and now I finally have one! lol. PS, there is NO blue smoke, and very little black smoke from the stack, and I have over 60 lbs oil pressure warmed up. The engine sounds very healthy, other than the miss! Keith
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