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  1. Thanks guys for the advice. I think that I will leave everything alone and be happy with it. At first I thought that I had a boost leak around a hose. Someone told me that if I hear a whistle it is'nt the turbo but a leak in the air system. I have always used cummins and am new to Mack, so I am not sure.
  2. Thanks for the replies Glen. So, should I just leave it alone until after the warranty? I guess my question really is what can my motor take and still give me 5 years or more? Here in West Virginia a person can get some conflicting advice from old coal haulers as compared to the dealer.
  3. I recently had my motor rebuilt by my local Mack dealer. My boost gauge shows 17 psi maximum. Allentown Mack said this is good as well as my local Mack dealer. However, a good friend of mine who has been running Macks successfully for 30+ years has told me that I should boost 23 psi minimum. Who is correct here? My turbo is new.
  4. I replaced the 6 speed in my 1988 R686ST with a Eaton 9 speed direct. I really did'nt gain any highway speed. I should have used the overdrive(14609b instejava script:emoticon('', 'smid_10')ad of 14609a).
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