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  1. There's  actually three rails in that picture,the frame that the trunnion stand bolts to is there,it looks like hell but if it's not cracked yet and u cleaned it up and painted the chit out of it and stoped further rust it might last a good while,the top/outside rail has plenty of meat left on it or it just might be a good time to upgrade to a newer truck if you don't trust it..

  2. 50 minutes ago, Bullheaded said:

    I'm not currently. But I have used them in dump trailers. Most name brands are good, but you have to make sure you get an asphalt liner if you haul asphalt, otherwise the heat will warp and melt a regular one.

    The ones I have used have holes in them and they weld washers over them to hold the lined. The washers are flush nothing sticks out.

    Same with live bottom (belt) trailers. Not all belts are compatible with asphalt.


    I don't really see the need for one unless you have an aluminum box and haul rock or big abrasive chunks.

    I have an aluminum bed,the floor is gonna need attention,do all shoot work thinking the asphalt will slide out better,to often I have to raise the bed to high to my likening to get it to flow out the shoots.

  3. Starting about ten years ago Kenworth was all the rage,in my opinion it was all about driver comfort and nothing else,now Mack makes a comparable cab as far as comfort goes and they seam to making a huge comeback around here n NY,most of the dump truck companies are buying Mack again,take a close look at ten or twelve year old Mack vs Kenworth,that should help u decide,my 23year old Mack cl factory dump still looks and drives amazin,I worked almost every day this year and not one break down that put it out of service try that with a kenworth new or old,not gonna happen..

  4. On 3/6/2019 at 8:03 PM, Rob said:

    I made these myself several years ago. Had the logo digitized from a decal, converted to a format a sewing machine recognized, and it is actually embroidered into the vinyl, (that part I had done). I then sewed the pattern:



    The red and black tufted panels are for my RL-755LST truck, the black ones and seats are for my R-612ST whenever I get to it.....


    Only shown are the panels for the right side of the cab. The dogs are mirrored and face forward on the left panels and inward on the left seat.


    That's some darn nice work..

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