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  1. That is very true. When I go back up to look at it again I am taking a couple fo guys with me one is a mechanic and the other is a DOT Officer for California Highway Patrol. I figure if it can pass their inspections and has nothing wrong with the oil, tranny fluid, and gear oil in the rears it should be alright. I just will have to get the dealer to upgrade the exhaust gaskets and the studs and anything else before I would purchase it.
  2. I pulled a Carfax report on this truck and it wasn't sold but was Repo'd. So that explains why its for sale here in CA and why the miles were relatively low with the kind of work it did.
  3. That is kind of what I am thinking. I am going to see if I can contact the previous owner some how. I don't even know if they are still in business. Thanks again for the info guys. As of now I am still leaning towards a Mack because they seem to have the most space and nicest ride out of what I have been test driving.
  4. I am running 3.55's with a 13 speed and I also run about 62-65 unless I need to step it up a bit. I cut her loose on the horsepower and turned the torque up. I progressive shift, am easy on the throttle getting her rolling and try to keep the rpm's around 1400 or less while cruising. It's all in how you drive them. Ok back to the topic of Macks, I found out why this truck has low mileage. It was used to pull a bottom dump and worked locally. The fleet was downsized and so it was sold. The dealer that sold it sat on it or some time before it was sold. So that is why it only has 163K on i
  5. What are you getting fuel mileage wise with one of those? I want something as fuel efficent as possible. At the moment I get 6.7-7.5 with my W-900
  6. A 13 speed does not have gearing for deep reduction, it only has overdrive. A 18 speed has both deep reduction aka double underdrive and over drive. If you want under drive and not over then get a 15 speed with double over aka old school 15 which has 4/5 and 9/10 holes reversed. This will give you the same top gear as a 13 or 18 speed but the deep reduction so you can split the low gears. This is only needed in a dump truck or a heavy hauler. If you were building a heavy hauler then your better off with the 18 speed so you have the best of both worlds. Just my .02
  7. I have an ISX in my W-900 and I love the motor. I have replaced the EGR Valve, EGR Sensor, Fan Clutch, Primer Pump and a Head Gasket. At the moment the truck has about 472K on it and the HG was warranty, the EGR was the first one so I figured 400K on it was resonable. A friend of mine has the twin to my truck but has 1.1M on it and only done the EGR for the second time about 2 weeks ago. This CH series, which is it? Are they set up similar to the Vision as far as the sleeper goes?
  8. If I had my choice I would go and get another Pete like the '94 I had with a 3406C CAT but I can't go that route. I am trying to figure this out and so far from the different OTR trucks I have looked at the Mack Vision has had the most space for my driver. My W-900 is great for me, but with a driver that is over 6 foot and 300 pounds it is really difficult to find a truck that he will be comfortable in. Correct me if I am wrong, but you only have the option of a Mack motor in a Mack truck right? Is it possible to order one with an ISX Cummins?
  9. Thanks Trent. I am stuck on having to buy a truck that is 2005 or newer because of the new emissions laws that are in place thanks to C.A.R.B. and the new EPA requirements as a result.
  10. I'm well aware of recalls being safety issues and not updates. I posted what recalls have been on this truck in hopes that someone would give some insight to if they have had other issues with these items after a recall and repair was made. Thanks for pointing out about the updates for the exhaust system and other items.
  11. Thanks for the info on that. I have asked the dealership if it was wrecked and they say to their knowledge no. Not to mention I have seen pictures of it with and without the old companies logos on it. My guess is that they went belly up like so many other companies have done over the last couple of years. I'm going to do some further research on this truck. As for the recalls these are the ones it has had and been fixed for. RC-00365 (SC0317) Aset Injection Lines Completed 02/09/2007 RC-00369 (SC0323) Remove Fuel Line Sleeve AC Completed 04/26/2007 RC-00371 (SC0324) Aset Line III C
  12. If you are refering to Herb aka Kranky1 then I have spoken to him about this truck and he was the one that directed me here. So far this truck has been pulled in for a handful of recalls. The build date of this unit was 10/2005 but it was not delivered until 11/2007 for some reason. The dealership says it had something to do with a custom body or something to that nature. I have recieved all the records about the recall items that have been fixed but that is about all I know of this truck. The original owner was in Oklahoma and the truck is for sale here in California. I am trying to ge
  13. Here are a couple of pictures. This is a Mack CXN613 with a Mack AC-460P Engine and an Eaton Fuller 13 speed tranny. The vin is 1m1ak07y66n013602. If anyone can give me any info about this particular truck or model I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Robert
  14. I am new to this board and was recommended by a friend to come here to ask some questions pertaining to late model Macks. I have been a KW/Pete guy forever and am now looking at adding a truck to my fleet of OTR trucks. So far out of the different trucks I have looked at the only one that as peaked my interest is a 2006 Mack Vision with only 163K miles. I know nothing about them and want to know of any issues that they have or not. Are they good trucks for OTR operations? What is your guys' impression of the Mack AC 460 engine set at 485 hp? This particular truck has an Eaton 13 speed and
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