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  1. Yes sir I'm very impressed and really appreciate that thread! I've got to see if it'll be worthy. Got a few repairs and adjustments first and that was the plan all along. Might be my winter project.
  2. It's not bad. Seems to have plenty of power on the top side but a little sluggish coming out of the hole. If I'm loaded and on a slight incline it seems to want the low gear to get going and it's supposed to have 4.64 rears. The mack trans is what I'm not thrilled about, it's a lot different than the Eaton fuller 8LL in my CH.
  3. Thanks for the all the tips! I haven't got back around to this problem just yet, other problems got put in front of this problem. Think I bought someone else's problem or my ocd is getting the best of me. I like everything to be right!
  4. I do a lot of sight work and the extra foot print would be helpful. After several phone calls and emails I did find out what the off set should be. For an 05 Granite CV713 with 18k fronts it's 2.75". Depending on your set up it could be different. I found this website to show the side by side difference in tire sizes https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc?tires=315-80r22.5-385-65r22.5 . There's not a huge difference between the two.
  5. Also, has anyone had any luck with the Firestone FS818 steers tires? or what would you recommend for the best ride etc.?
  6. Working out some kinks on a truck I just bought. It's got the wrong fronts on it, it's supposed to have 385/65/22.5 with 12.25 rims. My question is what offset do I need for the correct rim?
  7. Thanks Terry, I'll clean them up and give it another try in the morning.
  8. That's what I thought. After looking at this photo closer they may be to dirty to push in. Once the tubing is out, can the fitting be removed or repaired?
  9. Good afternoon. I'm having trouble figuring out the quick connect air fittings on the firewall. I've got a couple leaking but cant see how to remove them. I think they have an o-ring behind the fittings? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Your probably right, still a cool sign. The fact that you might be right should make the sign more collectable. Might not see this image for much longer.
  11. Thanks! I agree with you too. It only makes sense.Wished I'd thought about some lock tabs, at least all my studs came out and I got some new ones back in. Might pick up some locks later and put em on. Happy 4th of July to everyone! God Bless America!
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/381709806031391/
  13. Got the truck back last Friday. It was a blown exhaust manifold gasket and a bad charge air cooler. Both leaks were hard to find. Had to pressurize the intake system to find its leak. It was weird they both happened at the same time. I'm hoping it was a coincidence, but it's running better than ever. Thanks for everyone's help! Here's a pic of the old dog. I also use it as my lowboy truck. It earns its keep!
  14. I went ahead and took it to my mechanic. I didn't have the time to pull the covers but I'm leaning toward a bent valve or something to do with the Jake. The drive is about 45 min and the warmer the engine got the worse it ran. The cold start was good. Made me think might of had a stuck valve that unstuck but the further I got down the road the worse it got. I did not use soapy water on the intake side. It was more of a visual, touch and feel, and not to mention the old dollar bill for vacuum leaks. I'll post what he finds when I hear something. As always I appreciate everyone's help.
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