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  1. 1966 Mack B61 10 wheeler for sale. 711 engine with turbo. 55k rears. Quad box transmission. Truck is currently registered and has a clear title. More pictures available. I also have a dump body if interested. Truck without body $14000. Located in Phillipston MA Brian 978-939-5656
  2. I am going through New Jersey on Friday and would like to see his museum. Does anyone have a phone number or address for the museum. Thanks Brian
  3. I have a B61 that I am restoring. It has a 711 with a turbo. I was wondering if anyone ever tried to put an air filter directly on the turbo. I have found one that is 10.5" x 10.5"" with a 4" intake. I found an adapter to make it fit my turbo that is 3.5". It is rated for 600 cfm. Is this big enough not to starve the engine? I am missing the air intake parts that go from the air filter into the cab. I also have a paper element type of air filter. It is 1" bigger in diameter than the stock filter, but the air outlet is 6". The only way I can figure to make this work would be to cut out part of the hood and put the air intake in that way.ny ideas would be appreciated. Brian
  4. I have a B61SX with a FA522 front axle. Someone added leafs to the springs for a total of 13. They also wrapped flat stock around the springs in four places making the springs like one solid block. How many leafs do I need ? I am trying to get a little better ride out of the truck. It is basically for show but I pull my 14000 lb gooseneck trailer ocassionally. I also have 55000 rears. I was figuring maybe 8 leafs? Will I need spacer blocks to make up for the space lost by removing some of the leafs? Thanks Brian
  5. I use to use a welder and run a bead up the liner on 237 Mack engines. It really worked well.
  6. I am trying to register my B61 tandem axle here in Massachusetts with antique plates. The problem is I cannot get anyone to write and insurance policy. I talked to Haggerty and Grundy and they said Massachusetts no longer allows the to do this because of the GVW of the truck. I have a friend with two B models and is insured with Haggerty. Haggerty said they can allow anyone with current antique insurance to purchase insurance but cannt write a new policy. It seems the state wants us to register the trucks commerically. Massachusetts probably figures they are losing too much money by allowing us to get antique plates. Does anyone know what is going on? Brian
  7. One of the air lines that go to the other end of the motor has some sort of restriction in it. Replaced the line and works now. The small sliding valve is worn and letting a little to much air out of the exhaust port causing the motor to be a little weak. Are parts still available for these? Brian
  8. The toggle in the motor is working. The wipers do not return to park with the switch. There is only line going to the motor which has air pressure. Brian
  9. The radiator is out of the truck so I have been charging the truck off my air compressor. It doesn't appear that the air compressor is pushing oil. I think the truck has been sitting quite a while. Mud wasp nests everywhere. I have had to replace all the brake valves due to the rubber deteriorating. I hesitated to pull the wiper switch not knowing what is inside for seals. Does anyone make a rebuilding kit for it? Can you get seals for the wiper motor also? Thanks Brian
  10. I have a B61 and have trouble with the windshield wiper motor. I cleaned out the wiper motor and it works just fine if you put air to one side of the motor then to the other side. When you connect up to the valve in the cab the motor goes to the end of its stroke and will not return. I can hear the valve in the motor click but the air only is pressurized at one end. Is the valve in the cab supposed to somehow divert the air from one side of the motor to the other? Brian
  11. I just picked up a bracket from a R model. Thanks for the pictures.
  12. Can one have a muffler and not attach it to the cab? I am restoring a B61 and would like to be able to support the muffler or straight pipe, if I can get an inspection sticker, without attaching it to the cab. Brian
  13. Has anyone put air conditioning in a b61? Wife say we can take truck to shows but need A/C. How much would it cost? Brian
  14. I have a B61 which has a shutterstat temperature of 165. Should the thermostat be higher or lower than this. Thanks Brian
  15. The B81 located in Phillipston MA is about 3 miles from me. If anyone is interested I can take a look for you. Brian
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