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  1. Anyone familiar with the charging system on a 1950's B-85F charging system? Bad rectifier...looking for replacement or input on updating? Thanks!
  2. Anyone familiar with a Leece Neville system on a B-85F? 3 Parts...generator, rectifier, and regulator. Rectifier is bad. Either looking for one to replace for now, or input on changeover to newer alternator....any help appreciated!
  3. Tried that, because they were manufactured before 1981, it won't let me search a VIN with less than 17 characters....unless I'm looking in the wrong place? C85F-1309 is the ladder chassis #...
  4. Hey guys....just wanna throw this out there again. Still searching for the following trucks: 1968 CF-600 Mack Pumper (Red) 1974 CF-600 Mack Pumper (Yellow) 1955 Mack B-85 Pumper 1964 C Model Mack/Maxim 85' All were City of Bridgeton Fire Apparatus, and were traded in at the same time in 1995. They ended up with a man named Denny Pressler and I understand he operated out of the Kansas City area. He has since died, along with any leads I might have on these trucks. They were all in great shape, with the exception of the 1974, which was missing a compartment door and starting to rust. I have to be certain that the B and C are still out there, as they were in great shape. Both the B-85 and C Aerial were open cabs. If anyone could help, or might have a lead, please let me know. Thanks, Todd Bowen canineseven@comcast.net
  5. How I wish he would log on....thats the last known area where I have been tracking a 1968, 1974, and 1955 Mack pumpers from our department. Also searching for 1964 C model aerial. They were all traded in and ended up in that area. Haven't been able to find any of them. Seeing 1968 CF-600 from that area gives me hope....seeing the last log on 5 years ago kills it!!
  6. Already tried local..I work for Bridgeton FD...thanks though
  7. Thanks for the input guys...trying youngstownfire now. Gonna reach out to SPAAMFA too...just trying to find an e-mail rather than snail mail...
  8. canineseven


    Still in search of a 1964 C85F (Chassis C85F-1309) as well as a 1955 B-Model Pumper that served formerly with the Bridgeton, NJ Fire Department. I have scoured the internet, and have had no luck with firephotos, pics, etc. The last known area these trucks may have been was Kansas City MO. I am told after they were traded in 1995 to Pierce MFG., a man named Denny Pressler (now deceased) purchased them, as he ran a small used apparatus business. We are in search of these two, and anyone that could provide some help, I'd greatly appreciate it! The C85 was originally gas, and was converted to diesel by the City here. It was an open cab as well, with an 85' Aerial (believed Maxim). They were both in very good condition when they were traded, so its unknown if they are department owned now, or private (most likely). Any ideas on finding them?????
  9. I am told by Pierce (Fire and Safety Services), that they went to a man named Denny Pressler who operated out of the Kansas City, MO area. Sorry, that is what I meant by Pierce, our local dealer Fire and Safety Services. The President of F&SS graciously looked into this matter and found this information. Unfortunately, Mr. Pressler passed away about 5 years ago, and was a one-man operation. I don't know of any way to track these 4 units from there. Our C-85 was unique in that it came with a gas engine, and was converted to diesel later. It also had a booster pump on it, with hose reel. The chassis was C85F 1309. I also have an engine number, but I imagine that changed. Thanks for the effort MADDOG93, I really appreciate it. I am going to try and get a photo up also
  10. It's a longshot, but I am in search of one of our former Mack aerial's. It is an open cab Mack C-95, built in 1964 and delivered in 1965 with I believe an 85' aerial. The truck was in service in Bridgeton, NJ (South Jersey) and was traded in to Pierce Mfg. in 1994 along with a 1955 B, 1968 CF, and 1974 CF. I am also trying to track this down through Pierce, with little luck. I have searched, and haven't been able to even find a photo of a similar unit. Any input would be appreciated greatly!!! Todd
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