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  1. Answer to Chris, The adjustment lever is hitting the transmission mount, so the clutch is actually not fully engaging. We have tried to adjust the clutch play, and still cannot get it fully engaged due to the problem with this lever. When the clutch is adjusted fully out, there is a little play, although the clutch engages when the pedal is almost completely out. With the lever hitting the mount, we cannot actually do anything with the clutch play, since whatever we do in the correct direction to adjust it is nullified be the lever hitting the mount (there is not enough room to fully engage the clutch). The question is can we move that adjusement lever a few degrees, giving us room to fully engage the clutch plate, then the pedal adjusment (play) can be dealt with. I hope this better explains the problem
  2. If anyone out there is a clutch expert on a 1968 Mack Cf-600 Fire Truck with 5 speed manual transmission, could you read the post in the Fire Apparatus section of this site (posted today, 3-17) by Bob Weir (aka: AvantiBob). I need some direction, as I restore classic cars and this is my first Fire Truck. Thank you in advance!!!!
  3. Hello All, I am having problems with the clutch on my 1968 Mack CF-608 Fire Truck with 5 speed manual transmission. It is slipping and all of the adjustments seem to be "all the way out". The clutch assembly lever is actually hitting the transmission mount and there is a grove that has been cut into this mount. I was hoping I could loosen this lever from the clutch release shaft, move it a few degrees (counterclockwise)and use the clutch adjustment lever to fix this problem (or is the fact that this clutch assembly lever is hitting the trans mount telling me it is time for a new clutch?). The truck will be used for a ranch fire truck, water delivery truck and will rarely see action on the open highway. The fear I have is releasing the clutch assembly lever from the clutch release shaft (in the trans) and not being able to reposition it. There seems to be tension on this clutch release shaft (tension I believe is coming from springs in the pressure plate). I can adjust the lever to remove most of that tension, but again do not want to remove the lever and not be able to replace it back onto the clutch release shaft or have some internal springs explode, creating a bigger problem. I am also fearful that since this adjustment is all of the way out and the lever is hitting the trans mount it is telling me time for a new clutch (did Mack put some type of fail-safe into this clutch adjustment to prevent people from adjusting a clutch that needs to be replaced, before the rivots hit the flywheel? Last question, how much would I expect to pay for a clutch, pressure plate and other components needed for this repair. The person buying this fire truck is a boat expert, I restore classic cars and together can do the work. Any idea on the cost for parts and what parts should be replaced (since we have the trans out). Your help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!
  4. Hello All, I have a 1968 Mack Pumper (pump and tank removed) for sale in Southern California (San Diego area). This truck came from Kansas in 2004 and is in very good shape. I was going to make it into a classic car hauler, but I have too many projects. I will be happy to send pictures and more info upon your request. Price is negotiable, as I want to find it a good home. Bob Weir (aka: AvantiBob)
  5. Hello All, I am new to this group. I own a 1968 Mack Fire Truck (CF-600) that I am converting to a classic car hauler. The power steering works fine when turning to the right and does not work when turning to the left. There is no evidence of any fluid leak, although I have not checked any fluid levels since I purchased this fire truck. I have all of the chassic information and specs, but I have no idea what to look for or what the possible problem is. Your help is greatly appreciated! Bob Weir (aka: AvantiBob). P.S. I know cars, but am new at Mack Fire Trucks (I hope they have a few things in common).
  6. Hello All, I am new to the Mack Truck world, as I usually restore classic cars. I have a 1968 Mack CF-600 Fire Truck with a power steering problem. When I turn the steering wheel to the right the power steering is perfect, when I turn it to the left the power steering is gone. This creates a problem, as turning it to the left is almost impossible unless it is moving. I have the chassic manual and all records for the truck, but I have no idea on the steering specs or what the possible problem can be (I need some help in diagnosing this problem). Can anyone tell what to look for and what are some of the possible reasons for this problem. There seems to be no leakage of any fluids, although I have not checked any fluid levels since purchasing this truck. Thanks in advance. Bob Weir (aka: AvantiBob)
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