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    I'm a male born in 1970. From I was 12 I've a great interest in Mack trucks. Since 2003 I own my own Mack. It's a F 786 ST model from 1980. A few years ago I wrote and published a book called The history of Mack trucks in The Netherlands.

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  1. Hi h67sr, Wow, your son did a very good job on drawing my truck. As Vladislav mentioned above, this F786ST is a Dutch truck (from 1980). I'm very honoured that your son choose my truck for his beautifull drawing! Just too late for this X-mas card, but I wish you all a very good New Year! Regards, Gerlof
  2. Hi there, Great truck!! I love the F model. I live in the Netherlands and have a F 786 ST, a former truck of Overdorp, which is being restored at the moment. I also wrote a book about Mack trucks in the Netherlands and I'm working on a book about Mack in Europe. I read that you visited the former Mack dealer in the U.K. Do you have any pictures or ads of that company? I would be very pleased with it. Best regards, Gerlof
  3. Hello Erik,

    I saw that you wrote an article about Mack trucks in Denmark and that you own a Mack truck. I'm working on a book about Mack trucks in Europe and would like to get in touch with you. My user name is Dutchmack. my name is Gerlof Buurman in the Netherlands.



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